I hope everyone got a good look at last night’s Super Blood Moon. Which was visible in North Texas between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM Central.

Super Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse. 09/27/2015, about 9:00 PM Central Standard Time. Last one like it until 2033.

Condolences to those of you where it was cloudy. It was a really cool thing to see – an at a reasonable hour too!

Now back to the books.

While an undergrad at Memphis State, I was obliged to fit in my classes and school work around a full-time job where I worked no less than 50 hours per week. Later, I did grad-school at night over three years while managing an extremely demanding marcom production operation at RadioShack in Fort Worth. This has been my first experience where I’ve been able to focus on my education full-time. Its so much EASIER! Who knew right?

This latest course on digital marketing channels contained four modules, focused on the following disciplines:

  • Best practices for successful online copywriting and SEO, how specialized search can affect rankings, and how to plan, set up, and run your own search campaign.
  • Where to place your online advertising, the process of producing successful online videos, and paid, earned, and owned methods of promoting online video.
  • Best ways to engage with audiences on social channels, social media strategy creation and execution, how to plan and execute an email campaign, and the effective campaign measurement.
  • Mobile messaging channels and applications, the role that mobile plays in an integrated marketing strategy, how to track mobile activity, how to optimize your digital plan, and the best practices in digital.

As the capstone course doesn’t open until November 1st, I’ve registered for a Social Media Marketing series offered by Northwestern University, and a couple Data Analytics courses offered by Johns Hopkins University (Data Analysis Toolkit and Programming in R). Unfortunately, those don’t open up until next Monday.

Sooooo, I’ve been forging my way through the Google Analytics Academy, and have already completed the first course, Digital Analytics Fundamentals. On top of that, I’ve been working through Bucky Robert’s 18-video series on R-Studio, which I highly recommend to those new to R. Bucky does a great job introducing the features and functionality of the suite, in a way that’s both humorous and informative.

I kid you not, I go to sleep and dream about multi-channel funnels, goal-flow reports, social media strategy and KPIs, only to wake up thinking about how companies in my area are applying these concepts (or have yet to apply them) in their marketing and business development efforts. Fun but bordering on obsession!

Till next time, Cheers!

Selfie - Nick Krueger - Digital Marketing Analytics